"Boy" and "Girl"

                                               K. AOKI


Simplified and abstract images of "Boy" and "Girl" are drawn in the center of the canvas. Viewer feels energy emanating like breath from the plane composition. Sophisticated techniques and color harmonization have shown artist's tireless efforts and accomplishments. His delicate aesthetic sense has created an aura of peace and harmony on the canvases.

I admire these works created by artist who truly enjoys and loves to create art. He found dungarees as canvas material and has successfully experimented to make best use of its coarse texture. Colors have deepened and brighten. Using this canvas he has been creating a series of works that give viewers the embraced sense of warmth.I look to the future art of Mr. Yoshimi who has been brilliantly creating art works.

















      The solo exhibition of Hiroshi Yoshimi


                                             Osamu ohno


Color sense is a natural ability. It is very difficult to acquire it by learning. I feel always envious of him whenever I see paintings of Mr. Yoshimi. He so naturally manipulates colors such a way that one may not realize his painting is indeed involving extremely exquisite techniques. For example, a small tempera painting of scenery in Venice is just a jewel.The main subjects of painting for Mr. Yoshimi have always been humans and their surroundings. I can see in his large works many traces of painstaking efforts that I admire. If I start describing in detail the creative theory of Yoshimi's painting, the space of paper given here is not enough. In short, his work can be summarized as elaborate repetition of condensation and diffusion of forms, and uncompromising efforts for rearrangement.For example, the work that was awarded the Grand Prix of the Jiyubijyutu Exhibition in 2004 that he used tempera together with oil, and “Pigeon” and “Girl” in this exhibition; subtle and beautiful colors first catch your eyes. Then, condensation and diffusion of forms and colors start to close up with elaborate balances. Picking up any of his paintings, none has a trace of careless work. Strong plane compositions, beautiful colors, yet, underneath of that surface, there are elements that are slopping around, and that is one great charm of his paintings. 




      吉見 個展




 油彩とテンペラを併用した2004年の自由美術賞の作品。個展のPigeonや少女など、美しい色面がまず初めに目に入ってきて、次第に形の凝縮と拡散、色彩が微妙なバランスの上に立って迫ってくる。それから、多分にご自身の性格からもきているのだろうが、粘着質と言っては悪いが、完璧性の強い人だと思う。成功、不成功にかかわらず、どこをとっても作者があいまいに放り出した跡が無い。強固な平面、美しい色彩、しかし内実はゆれにゆれていて、それも魅力だ。絵を描くのも、見るのも、ますます難しいこの時代。神経と体力を磨り潰す作業が多いと想像するのだが、どうか変わらずに! 吉見さん、いちどゆっくり、一杯飲みながら、森羅万象、お話を聞かせてほしい。